Tony Linfjard - About


Hi and welcome to my site! Here you can check out all my solo albums. Just go to the Discography-part of this site and click further.

My releases – so far – can be divided into two main categories: The first four are more or less complex studio productions with a lot of instruments, synthesizers/samplers and pre-programming. These four albums very much reflect my time as a composer on demand for corporate movies, commercials and documentaries etc. The three latest music albums (all with my portrait on the cover) are focused on my main instrument, the guitar, where the last two are pure solo guitar albums without any overdubs at all. These three guitar-albums reflect my time as a guitarist on cruise ships.

If the music on my first four albums to 99% are my own compositions; the music on my latest three albums consists of my arrangements on great songs by other composers.

In the Video-part of this site you will find some youtube-clips where I play solo guitar. There are live-clips from my time as a classical guitarist on cruise-ships, but also some clips shot in a studio. There is also a photo- and a blog-part on this site.

I hope you will find something that you like on my site. Enjoy!